The modern way to run your school Governing Board or Multi-Academy Trust Boards.

Great School Governance is hard work!

GovernorHub handles the mundane tasks for you, allowing the Governing Board to focus on what matters most
Forget about keeping track of everyone's email addresses. Post an item on the Noticeboard and GovernorHub will email the relevant committees for you.
Meeting calendar
No more having to manually update your calendar every time a meeting is rescheduled. GovernorHub has a single calendar that you can sync to your various devices.
Store documents
Struggle to find the latest version of a document, or can't remember where you saved those model policies? With GovernorHub all your documents are kept in one place and are easily searchable.
Clerking tools
For clerks, GovernorHub has a whole host of tools that make managing the Governing Board a breeze. From keeping track of the constitution, committees and roles, to automatically notifying your local Governor Support Services of any membership changes.
Governor News
Keep up to date with local and national education news.
Mobile and tablet apps
We have apps for smartphones and tablets - allowing you to access GovernorHub and your documents on the move, or even offline.
Security as standard
We understand how important security is. All your data and documents are encrypted and transported securely over the Internet. We also make sure we stick to industry best practice with things like password storage.

Multi-Academy Trusts

GovernorHub makes handling and sharing information across your Governing Boards a doddle!
Governing Board Areas
Each of your Local Governing Boards, plus your Trust Board get an area on GovernorHub (see the features above). Members of the Local Governing Boards can only see their papers and details but members of the Trust Board can see the papers and details for academies in the Trust.
Shared news, calendar and resources
Store resources that all of your Local Governing Board can access, send them news and information and see every meeting across the trust on a shared calendar.
Large MATs
For larger MATs and academy chains we provide database access. Manage the list of governors, members and trustees across the whole MAT or chain. See our Governor Service functionality below.

Governor Services

No more boring admin - GovernorHub is a product designed specifically to do it for you!
Governing Board Areas
Your Governing Boards get all the class-leading GovernorHub functionality (see above).
Share service-wide news and announcements on your own news page and it appears in Governors' customized news feeds too. For more important announcements simply tick a box and have the article emailed as well.
Shift routine questions from your phone line or email inbox over to GovernorHub freeing up you and your team to concentrate on the more difficult queries.
Put all of your training courses onto GovernorHub and Governors can book on with a single click. Manage trainers and attendance lists, all from within GovernorHub.
Easily upload resources like model policies, guidance and advice for all your Governors to access. Only those Governors who subscribe to your service will be able to see them, making your service more attractive.
Clerking Service
Manage your clerking service with GovernorHub. Assign and remove clerks from Governing Boards and appoint temporary replacements. Because the Governing Board is using GovernorHub all the documents and previous conversations will be instantly available.
Reporting and data download
Download reports for your service as a whole or just individual Governing Bodies. Things like contact details, address labels, vacancy reports. No more esoteric spreadsheets to maintain!
Search for Governing Boards and Governors, see changes that have been made to them, download reports, see upcoming training courses... With GovernorHub all your data is at your fingertips.
Automatically kept in sync
As Governors or Clerks amend things like terms of office, contact details or the constitution in GovernorHub these changes are instantly reflected in your database. No more filling out of paper forms followed by manual data entry! Hello the future!


All prices are per year and exclusive of VAT

Individual Governing Board


Multiple Boards

Pick and choose from the options below
Initial Cost
Free if spending more than £5000
Board Tools
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GovernorHub Database
Database management tools
Free if spending more than £5000
Each board in the database
Free for boards with the Board Tools
GovernorHub Services Tools
News, Resources and FAQs
Free if spending more than £5000
Training Booking and Management
Free if spending more than £5000
Clerking Service Tools
Free if spending more than £5000
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