What can GovernorHub do for your
multi-academy trust?

We’re a simple and easy-to-use platform that will improve how your trust works together

Here's how:

Each academy has its own board page.

The Trust Board has its own board page with one-way access to each of the local academy pages.

All boards sign up to a group ‘resources’ area for the Trust to share with and notify members about news, documentation, policies and guidance.

For larger MATs, we offer:

A training booking system.

Database tools for searching governors, vacancies and roles.

The ability to download customisable reports.

We're here to help

Everyone is supported by the GovernorHub help desk – let us offer your members IT support so you don’t have to.

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Like what you see?

All schools and trusts in England can try GovernorHub with GovernorHub Knowledge for a no-obligation, 1 month, unlimited-use trial.

“The system has been developed for governors BY governors, who understand what is required to make the job easier and resources more accessible. I hope you gather I am a great fan.”

- Becky, Governance Lead in a Multi-Academy Trust

Everything a governor or trustee needs in one place.

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